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Duplex Steel Seamless Welded Pipes

Duplex Steel Seamless Welded Pipes

Ankur Metal India operates according to an certified quality programme. A complete range of testing facilities on-site contributes to consistent quality control.

Request for a Quote for UNS 32750 Duplex Stainless SteelStandards
ASTM/ASME .......... A240 - UNS S32750
EURONORM............ 1.4410 - X2 Cr Ni MoN 25.7.4
AFNOR.................... Z3 CN 25.06 Az

Benefits of UNS32750 Super Duplex Stainless Steel

  • Improved corrosion resistance in comparison to Duplex
  • Greater tensile and yield strength
  • Good ductility and toughness
  • Good stress corrosion cracking resistance (SSC)
  • Opportunity for purchases to reduce their material costs without compromising on quality 

Crevice Corrosion
The presence of crevices, almost unavoidable in practical constructions and operations, makes stainless steels more susceptable to corrosion in chloride enviroments. 2507 is highly resistant to crevice corrosion. The critical crevice corrosion temperatures of 2507 and several other high-performance stainless steels are shown above. 

Chemical Analysis
Typical values (Weight %)

C Cr Ni Mo N Others
0.020 25 7 4.0 .27 S=0.001
PREN = [Cr%] + 3.3 [Mo%] + 16 [N%] ≥ 40

Mechanical Properties
Mechanical and Physical Properties 
2507 combines high tensile and impact strength with a low coefficient of thermal expansion and high thermal conductivity. These properties are suitable for many structural and mechanical components. The low, ambient, and elevated temperature mechanical properties of 2507 sheet and plate are shown below. All of the test data shown are for samples in the annealed and quenched condition.
2507 is not recommended for applications which require long exposures to temperatures in excess of 5700F because of the increased risk of a reduction in toughness. The data listed here are typical for wrought products and should not be regarded as a maximum or minimum value unless specifically stated.
Mechanical Properties

Ultimate Tensile Strength, ksi 116 min.
0.2% Offset Yield Strength 0.2%, ksi 80 min.
0.1% Offset Yield Strength 0.2%, ksi 91 min.
Elongation in 2 inches, % 15 min.
Hardness Rockwell C 32 max.
Impact Energy, ft.-lbs. 74 min.

Low Temperature Impact Properties

Temperature 0F RT 34 -4 -40
Ft.-lbs. 162 162 155 140
Temperature 0F -76 -112 -148 -320
Ft.-lbs. 110 44 30 7

Elevated Temperature Tensile Properties

Temperature 0F 68 212 302 392 482
0.2% Offset Yield Strength, ksi 80 65 61 58 55
Ultimate Tensile Strength, ksi 116 101 98 95 94

Physical Properties

Density lb/in3 0.28
Modulus of Elasticity psi x 106 29
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion 
x10-6/0F 7.2
Thermal Conductivity Btu/h ft 0F 8.7
Heat Capacity Btu/lb/0F 0.12
Electrical Resistivity W-in x 10-6 31.5


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